Thanksgiving is a great time to get together with family and friends. Many people love to work with caterers who can offer them a delicious meal. Thanksgiving event catering makes it easy to present a meal for friends and family. While many people love classic Thanksgiving meals, others want to consider something a bit different. Thanksgiving is the ideal time to consider creative alternatives to the standard turkey fare that taste just as good.

Vegetarian Delights

In recent years, many people have increasingly adopted a vegetarian lifestyle. A vegetarian diet can be full of flavor and fit in well during the Thanksgiving season. Consider other options to the standard turkey for a main course. Tofu takes on many flavors so it works well with other dishes. Braised squash is another option that can be stuffed, baked and served as the main course.


Many Italian-Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with the addition of classic Italian favorites. Join them. A well made lasagna is a wonderful main course that can serve many members of the family. Lasagna is a special dish that is typically served only on special family holidays. This makes perfect for the holiday season. Add in your own personal touch with ingredients your family likes such as sausages.

Lobster and Other Seafood

Historians know the pilgrims ate all sorts of other foods during their first Thanksgiving feast. One of the most popular kinds of food served were all kinds of seafood. The pilgrims and their hosts were near the coast and made good use of it. Celebrate your own meal with a tasty feast of varied seafood such as clams, mussels, lobsters and oysters. Serve them stuffed, boiled and raw for a series of main dishes everyone in your party will love.


While casseroles make wonderful side dishes, they’re also perfect as the main course. Ask your friends to bring their own to your party so everyone can have something they love. Or hire a meal delivery service to bring them to your home. A group of casseroles can please everyone at your table. Some guests can focus on meatless versions while others offer something heartier. This is also a great way to incorporate favorites like turkey mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing without the need to make the turkey the entire focus of the meal.

Brine a Chicken or Duck

Turkey is a nice main course but many people also look for alternatives to the classic turkey. One way to get lots of flavor and please those who prefer other kinds of protein is with the use of duck or chicken. Chicken and duck have been crowd pleasing favorites for many decades. Chicken and duck absorb lots of flavor when placed in a brine solution. When placed in a brine, they get even more delicious. Give your guests the option of choosing another main course they may enjoy as much as a turkey.

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