Eating healthy is crucial in the modern world. Everyone must pay close attention to their diet and keep to the healthy food. At the same time, as the corporate caterer’s at Foodinis know very well, it is also important to make sure that everything on the plate is as tasty as possible. Food should appeal to the senses. It should also make people want to sit down to a good meal. These easy choices can be used to keep things yummy and healthy without adding too many unwanted calories and fat.

Apple Sauce For Oil

Apple sauce tastes delicious. Wedding caterers often use this to bring in the sweetness and depth of flavor that can make any food even more special. You can use this at home in lots of different ways. Start with a good quality apple sauce that’s been made from fresh apples. This can serve as the basis of many different kinds of results you’ll want from your dishes. Desserts particularly benefit from the use of extra flavors. Use apple sauce rather than oil to help bring them for your guests in a cake.

Fresh Herbs Rather Than Salt

Salt is needed for life. At the same time, too much can be a very bad idea. It can lead to all sorts of problems. Use only as much as you need in any dish. Then, look at fresh herbs. There are lots of amazing fresh herbs everywhere you look. You can take rosemary and put in the cavity of a chicken before roasting it. Bring in lots of flavor to your favorite mashed potato recipe with a spike of bright oregano and a hint of dill. Herbs are easy to find on the grocery shelves. They are also easy to grow at home.

Go For Low Fat Cheese

Cheese is something that everyone loves. It’s incredibly versatile. At the same time, cheese brings along a lot of fat and calories. You can take them out. Use a low fat version instead in your food. For example, if you love to make macaroni and cheese, think about making it with lower fat versions. You’ll get that same taste but with a lot less richness. You can put low fat feta on top of your favorite pomegranate salad. Spring is the perfect time to gather those lovely fresh greens from your garden and sprinkle on that cheese.

Reach For the Brown Rice

White rice looks nice but it isn’t the healthiest of choices when it comes to a side dish. It can be very high in carbs and trigger feelings of low blood sugar after lunch. You can overcome this problem and still enjoy a nice meal at your local Chinese restaurant or at home without feeling under the weather. Brown rice makes a nice change. It has a warmly nutty flavor that many people find appealing. This form of rice also has a lot of fiber to it. This will help you fill up even with just a small portion.

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