The food is one of the most important parts of a wedding. From the cocktail hour to the reception, it’s important to keep guests full and energized by serving appetizers and hearty dishes. When you’re looking for the right wedding caterer to prepare the food for the special event, there are a few important tips you should be sure to follow.

Ask About the Caterer’s Menus

The caterer that you choose should have a variety of different menus that are available and can serve dishes that can be prepared with fresh ingredients. Caterers make it easy to choose from various types of proteins, pastas, and sides to ensure that your menu is unique to your taste. The catering service should be capable of allowing you to customize the menu and make it specific to your tastes to ensure that you can indulge in your favorite foods.

Confirm Their License

It’s important to confirm that the wedding caterer has a license and can legally serve food at your event. You can have peace of mind knowing that the food is handled in a sanitary environment and that the professional follows local health department standards.

If you’re planning on serving alcohol at your wedding, ask the caterer if they have a liquor license. They should also have liquor liability insurance to ensure that they can cover the costs if one of your guests injures themselves or if there’s damage to the open bar at the wedding. Verifying this information can make sure your special day is as perfect as possible.

Request a Tasting Before Signing the Contract

Although you may find a jersey shore catering company that is professional and has an excellent presentation of food, it’s important that you sample their dishes to ensure that you enjoy the food. Ask to taste the food before hiring the caterer or signing a contract. Some caterers charge a certain amount for tastings, but the investment can allow you to determine if you’re happy with their recipes.

Read Reviews Online

Reading reviews can offer an insight into the experience of former customers of a particular catering company. Read the reviews or ask for references from the professional to get an idea of the quality of service that they provide and if they are a respected company in the industry. By educating yourself on this particular company you can make a better decision overall.

Ask Your Venue for Referrals

One of the best ways to find wedding caterers that you can trust is to ask your wedding venue for referrals. Many venues work directly with different vendors and only hire professionals who have proof of various certificates or licenses. It can also be easier to work with a company that has previously catered food at the location where you’re getting married and can easily navigate the grounds. Choose the best catering company that fits your needs, and make your special day a day to remember, not just for you but for everyone attending.

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