Helpful Tips for Catering Your Corporate Holiday Party

  Holiday parties are a special time of the year when the people at your company get the chance to trade their desks in for dining tables and dig into what makes each person of the team so unique. Corporate catering is designed to take the stress of planning the event off of your shoulders … Continued

The Best Foods Grown in New Jersey to Cook With

New Jersey is a food-rich state – which is one of the reasons why I love being a chef here. Most of the farm produce goes to the fresh food market. Part of the produce also goes to processors who freeze or process the fresh produce so we will have cooking ingredients in and out … Continued

5 Tips To Host the Best July 4th BBQ

It’s easy to find 100s of recipes for your 4th of July BBQ, but not so easy to locate other tips for a killer event. Here are our top five tips for your 4th of July. Tip #1: You Don’t Have to do it All Yourself Ask your friends to BYOB is just one budget-friendly … Continued

Alternative Food Options to Eat During Christmas

The Christmas holiday is filled with lights, joy, laughter, and time together with friends and family. It’s also filled with delicious food and drinks, especially cakes and other sweet treats. Event planning around the holidays often involves crafting a menu that is simultaneously delicious and healthy. If you want to eat healthier during the holiday … Continued