4 Vegan Substitutes for Eggs

A vegan diet involves choosing to eat only plant-based foods. You might choose a vegan diet out of ethical reasons or allergy concerns. You may have changed your dietary preferences to enjoy the benefits that could come from eliminating animal-based foods from your meal plans such as lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. At first, … Continued

How to Make the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich?

People often debate whether it is better to eat breakfast first thing in the morning or wait until a few hours have passed. However, most people can agree that a breakfast sandwich boosts productivity at any time of the day. Breakfast sandwiches lack the sugar that you’ll find in other options such as breakfast cereals … Continued

How to Find the Perfect Caterer for Your Graduation Party?

Graduation parties are a time to celebrate and give the grad in your life recognition for all of their hard work and well-wishes for the future. Hiring a catering event service takes all of the meal planning and prep work off of your hands, and you’ll feel confident when you know that professional caterers will … Continued

Healthy Meatless Monday Meal Ideas

Meatless Mondays have gained momentum over the past several years, and it is easy for many people to think that this is a new movement. Choosing to reduce meat in your diet might be something that you prefer to do for health purposes, or it might fit into your goal to lower your carbon footprint. … Continued

3 Simple Gluten Free Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is often referred to as the most important meal of the day, and it is easy to see why. Eating nourishing food first thing in the morning primes your brain and body for the work you have set on your schedule. Coming up with breakfast ideas can sometimes be hard enough when you might … Continued

What to Pack in Your Picnic Basket for the Perfect Spring Date?

Spring has arrived, and with that comes blossoming flowers and sunshine that provide a beautiful backdrop for a picture perfect date. Planning an outdoor picnic gives you a chance to impress that special someone with your culinary selections and love for nature at the same time. As you pack your picnic basket, you can use … Continued